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Adult Foldable Electric Scooter S006 PRO

Electric scooter Model 
S006 pro with APP

S006 pro with APP

Electric scooter size Size after folding(MM)


Electric scooter weight Max. Loading (KG) 150 Kg
Net weight (KG) 20 Kg
 Electric scooter speed Top speed (KM/H) 30-35KM
Range (KM) Around 30-55 Km
Working temperature -5℃~40℃
Electric scooter battery Battery type Lithium battery
voltage(V) 48V 
Battery capacity (AH) 12.5.4Ah/15Ah
Electric scooter motor Motor type high speed brushless motors                                                          
Motor power 500W
Rated output power 800W
Rated voltage 52V 
Charging time About 6-8 Hours
Electric scooter Tire size 225-40-10
 Other features Frame material Aluminium alloy 
  Display LED Display with APP
  Brake Eelectric brake& disc brake
  Color Black.yellow,Red
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Adult Foldable Electric Scooter S006 PRO

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