What should I pay attention to when riding an electric bike at night?


  Five things to note when riding an electric bike […]


Five things to note when riding an electric bike at night!

1. The importance of listening has increased  
At night, when the line of sight becomes worse, the hearing of the ear is more important. It is not recommended to wear headphones to listen to music. Wearing headphones will block the sound of other vehicles.

2. Side reflective measures
Electric vehicles increase side reflections, such as reflective strips and anti-theft stickers on tires or rims, to prevent side collisions.

3. Safety equipment 
There are many people who choose bicycle lanes for night riding. It is very dangerous if you don't wear a helmet. When riding at night, pay more attention to safety equipment.

4. Ride cautiously on unfamiliar and remote roads
It’s difficult to grasp the road conditions that you don’t often ride. It’s quite dangerous to ride with old impressions. In addition to public security problems, even if you carry self-defense equipment, you may be useless in emergencies. The best equipment is a whistle, because the whistle’s audio It is very high and spread far away. The gangster will be frightened when he hears the whistle. It is best not to be near the collar of the car.

5. To cope with road conditions, the speed should be slow
The manhole cover on the road is the most dangerous. The road surface is poor and you can see clearly during the day, and it is not clear even if there are lights at night. It is best to keep the speed down at any time, and keep it at 7 or 8 during the day.

Riding at night is not required to be fast. You must always pay attention to the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle, try to slow down as much as possible, and safety first.