What should I pay attention to when riding a two-wheeled electric bicycle at night?


Precautions for night riding of two-wheeled electric ve […]

Precautions for night riding of two-wheeled electric vehicles

1. The importance of listening has increased

   The vision becomes worse at night, and the hearing of the ear becomes more important at this time. It is not recommended to wear headphones to listen to music. Wearing headphones will block the sound of other vehicles. For example, there are a lot of big trucks on some roads. When you find that the big truck is approaching with headphones, you may have a few meters left. It is easy to get an accident due to tension.

2. Side reflective measures

  Many electric car accidents are not front or rear collisions, but side collisions, because no one on the side will install lights. So add side reflections, such as reflective strips on tires or rims, BIKEID anti-theft stickers, one of which is reflective stickers.

Reflective stickers are not very precise. It is important to choose the right place to stick it. It is recommended to stick it on the left side of the faucet (the junction of the upper and lower pipes). It is easy to stick and will not be blocked by your feet. The lights come mainly from the left, and the right will be blocked by buildings.

3. Relaxed but not anxious, casual

   People who like to ride at night, many of them want to relax. They can't get up to ride in the morning, and may drive home for dinner after commuting in the evening (or don't eat dinner first), and then go out for cycling. The mentality at this time is: Hurry up and exercise, so irritable, and a casual attitude appears.

Holiday team travel is easy, but the whole body equipment is also very complete (you can prepare it the day before); night riding may be worn casually, and safety parts (helmets) are not even worn, but in fact, night riding is more important Safety.

   There are many people who choose bicycle lanes for night riding, but from home to bicycle lanes, they will also pass through open roads. It is very dangerous if they do not wear a helmet. Therefore, the correct mentality is to exercise, to have all the necessary equipment, and to choose from safety.