What is Mobike


  Mobike has been professionally designed to integ […]


Mobike has been professionally designed to integrate high-tech means such as all-aluminum body, explosion-proof tires, and shaft drive to make it durable and reduce maintenance costs. The customized bike shape has a high degree of recognition on the street.

Using Mobike's smart phone application, users can use their mobile phones to check the location of the bike, and then make an appointment to find the bike. Scan the QR code on the car body to unlock and start riding. After arriving at the destination, manually lock the car in any white line drawn on the street to complete the return procedure.

Mobike bicycles abandon the fixed piles, allowing users to park bicycles at any parking area on the roadside with government line drawing. Users only need to close the bicycle lock to leave. The embedded chip, GPS module and SIM card are integrated in the body lock, which is convenient for Mobike to monitor the specific location of the bicycle on the road.

The body is redesigned for shared bicycles, using explosion-proof tires, chain-free shaft transmission, all-aluminum stainless body, the entire bicycle can reach the standard of five years of high-frequency use without manual maintenance. The designed bicycle appearance is fashionable and eye-catching, which is convenient for people to find a car and is also a unique scenery in the city.

In order to allow everyone to ride a bicycle, Mobike bicycles are priced at RMB 1 for half an hour. Encourage people to return to cycling, a low-carbon, small-area mode of travel to ease traffic pressure and protect the environment.