What are the scope of the three guarantees that are not electric vehicles?


When purchasing an electric vehicle, it should be inspe […]

When purchasing an electric vehicle, it should be inspected on site, properly debugged, and have the right to request the sales staff to provide correct usage and maintenance matters, provide a valid invoice and warranty card, and maintenance unit, address, and contact number. The user should follow the product instruction manual for correct operation.

"Three Guarantees" scope: divided into non-electrical appliances and electrical appliances. The scope that is not "three guarantees" is as follows:

A. Failure caused by user's failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the provisions of the "Instruction Manual"

B. Damage caused by improper use or storage or accident.

C. Failure caused by user's own modification, disassembly and repair, and self-decomposition, which destroys the original state of the failure and cannot be technically identified and analyzed.

D. Those who cannot present valid certificates (valid invoices, warranty cards) or the card data do not match.

E. Damage caused by force majeure.

F. Wearing parts and consumable parts (fuse, light bulb, brake pad, brake cable, car strip, inner and outer tires, pedals, rubber sleeves, plastic parts of the vehicle, etc.) are normal consumables.

G. The cost of self-repair without the consent of the special maintenance organization.