What are the important factors to consider when electric balance car


Electric balance cars are very popular abroad. The popu […]

Electric balance cars are very popular abroad. The popularity of electric balance cars in our country's teenagers and children is gradually heating up. Whether it is a balance car enthusiast or a parent to buy a child, often when buying a balance car, I don't know. What brand of balance car to buy? I don't even know which aspects to measure and judge the quality of the balance car, especially the Jingdong or Tmall online shopping users, can not directly experience, only through the configuration of the introduction to partition. Today, Xiaobian analyzes the main core components of electric balance.

Several key points that cannot be ignored in the purchase of balance cars: appearance, manufacturer brand, motor performance, battery pack, cruising range, main control chip and control unit. A few brands on the market have also added self-balancing, Bluetooth, and APP functions. In general, the purchase of balance cars needs to be judged in a comprehensive way. However, there are many balance car dealers on the market, and Xiaobian is also dazzled. If there is no simple one-point judgment standard, it is difficult to choose a high-performance, favorite balance car.


In 2013, the balance car was born in the United States, because of its unique appearance and use, it is loved by teenagers. With the popularity of the balance car in the country, the style of the balance car is also increasing. But a cool balance car contains only a few points: the overall shape (male or private mode), LED lights (shape, quantity), wheel shape, pedal design;

Motor performance

The motor is equivalent to the heart of the balance car - power output; the power of the motor directly affects the speed and fluency, the greater the power, the stronger the speed and power of the balance car, but the conscience manufacturer will set a safe speed to ensure the safety of the rider. . Brand manufacturers generally use brushless motors, and the internal parts of the motor use copper coils, resulting in long life and less heat.

Master chip and control unit

The main control chip and control unit are equivalent to the brain of the balance car, divided into two systems and a single system, each system has its own advantages. In the industry, brand merchants generally choose a motherboard like Taotao, which has relatively strong performance experience and control performance.

recharge mileage

Endurance has always been the focus of everyone's attention. Now the balance range of the car on the market is basically 10-15KM; the powerful balance car can basically reach 15KM, which has the functions of play and short-distance travel. You can also choose the right balance car according to your needs and consider the actual situation;