What are the differences between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles


  Nowadays, there are more electric cars in the st […]


Nowadays, there are more electric cars in the streets and alleys. They are used to pick up children and go to work. Someone asked what is the difference between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles? Our electric vehicle manufacturers say from the following aspects.

1. The materials of vehicle skeleton are different. Although both vehicles are two-wheeled models, their frames are made of different materials. Generally, electric motorcycles are heavy and heavy. Their frames are made of thicker steel, while electric Bicycles are made of relatively light and thin steel pipes. The differences here cause differences in weight on the one hand and cost differences on the other. Electric motorcycles are generally more expensive for this reason.

2. The braking system is different. The speed of motorcycles is generally faster, and the speed of bicycles is slower. Therefore, motorcycles are more stringent in the braking system and require higher reliability. Bicycles do not need to invest too much energy into these braking systems. . Under normal circumstances, electric motorcycles use hydraulic disc brakes, while electric bicycles use holding brakes or drum brakes.

3. Suspension principle is different. These two vehicles have special suspension systems, but the principles they apply are different. The suspension method used by electric motorcycles is hydraulic suspension, while the suspension method used by electric bicycles is spring suspension. Electric motorcycles with hydraulic systems are more comfortable to sit on, with much less vibration, and electric bikes are not so good.