What are the common problems of electric bicycle charging


  I will introduce in detail the common problems o […]


I will introduce in detail the common problems of electric bicycle charging

Electric bicycles have penetrated into our lives. Every day, our lives are inseparable from electric bicycles. Sometimes there will be some problems with electric bicycles. You may not know how to solve them. Here is a detailed introduction to electric bicycle charging. FAQ:

Question 1: The green light will be on when the battery is charged for one hour (the battery is full as soon as it is charged, and it is used up as soon as it is used).
  1 The charger voltage is low and the battery is seriously undercharged: replace or repair;
  2 The battery has entered a period of decline and cannot meet long-term discharge: replace or repair.

Problem 2: After charging for 8 hours, the green light on the charger is not on, and the battery is hot.
  1 The charging voltage of the charger is too high: replace or repair;
  2 The battery pack or a single battery in it is faulty: replace or repair.

Problem 3: Battery leakage.
  1 Damaged battery: replace or repair the battery;
  2 When charging, the battery position is reversed and the charging voltage is high.

Problem 4: The battery is full, but two red lights are under load (undervoltage light and overcurrent protection light are on, and the motor is turned off.)
  1 The charger output voltage is low: replace or repair the charger;
  2 Short battery charging time: recharge to extend the charging time;
  3 The capacity of the battery pack or one of them has decreased: replace the battery;
  4 Electrode damage or poor contact: replace or repair the electrode.

 Problem 5: The battery is full, the indicator lights are all on, but the load hub is weak.
  1 Gear wear and slip: replace or repair the gear;
  2 Partial short circuit of the hub motor winding: replace or repair the motor;
  3 Electric bicycle assembly problems or component wear: readjust the tightness of the electric bicycle component nuts;
  4 The motor shaft gear damping rubber of the electric bicycle is damaged: replace or repair.

In summary, it is a detailed introduction to the common problems of electric bicycle charging. You will know how to solve these problems in the future. I believe you have a more in-depth understanding of this now. I hope that my introduction will help you For more help, if you want to know more information, you are welcome to inquire, or pay more attention to our website, we will definitely answer you in detail one by one.