What are the bad habits of using electric vehicles?


What are the bad habits of using electric vehicles? Dif […]

What are the bad habits of using electric vehicles?

Different electric vehicle users have different life spans of electric vehicles. This is mainly because different people have different habits of using electric vehicles. Two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers have summarized some bad habits of using electric vehicles for your reference.

Many users charge the battery when there is almost no electricity in the electric vehicle. This is a very bad habit. Two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers say that it is best to charge the battery before it is completely used up, otherwise it will accelerate the battery degradation. Shorten battery life.

  According to the introduction of two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers, many users do not pay attention to the method when charging electric vehicles. It is also a bad habit to unplug the power before the battery is fully charged. Two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers have reminded that the battery is not fully charged once in a while, and the impact on the battery is not too great, but if it is often used without being fully charged, the battery will produce a kind of "memory", and the battery will not be fully charged in the future. The service life of the depleted battery.

   There are still some users who forget to charge the electric car after they have not used the electric car for a long time. This is also very harmful to the electric car. This is because the battery will discharge when not in use, and if it is not used for a long time without charging the battery, the performance of the battery will be weakened. Therefore, when not in use for a long time, charge the battery every half a month or so.