Uni-round balancing car operation


How to operate a unicycle balancing car? If you haven't […]

How to operate a unicycle balancing car? If you haven't been riding, you will find it very difficult. In fact, the unicycle balancing car is quite simple to operate. It is mainly based on the change of your body's center of gravity to adjust its movements. This requires you to overcome a small psychological obstacle. The unicycle can sense the change of your body's center of gravity. When the center of gravity moves forward, it will go forward, and the erect (balanced center of gravity) will stop, and the left and right steering will also be achieved by adjusting the center of gravity. I feel very eager to learn, and to overcome the psychological barriers in a few minutes, there is no problem.

Need to pay attention to the following points when using a single wheel balance car
Beginners need to pay attention when driving
It is a very important step to read the product manual. Secondly, it is best to use it with the help of people who are familiar with the INMOTION SCV. If you buy offline, we will have a professional staff to explain and help you quickly master the driving method.

Need to pay attention before driving
It is necessary to check whether the parts on the car are firm and damaged, and wear protective gear such as helmets.

Need to pay attention during driving
First of all, please keep calm from beginning to end. Secondly, don't drive the balance car like a tank. Finally, although the balance car can drive backwards, please try to move forward because of the visual field and the reverse of the centrifugal force.