Two-wheeled electric vehicles are good for environmental protection


   Today with serious environmental pollution and lack […]

   Today with serious environmental pollution and lack of natural resources, environmental protection and energy conservation have become the theme of the times, and two-wheeled electric vehicles have emerged. Two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers believe that two-wheel electric vehicles are the best choice for green travel.

  The use of two-wheel electric vehicles can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. According to two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers, a two-wheeled electric vehicle can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 400 kilograms per year compared with a two-wheeled fuel vehicle. This gives you a more intuitive concept. Calculated based on a tree that absorbs 18.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. The annual emission reduction of a two-wheel electric vehicle is equivalent to planting 22 trees.

   The data obtained from related parts of two-wheeled electric vehicles show that electric vehicles consume the least energy. Taking the energy consumption index per person per ten kilometers as an example, electric bicycles consume 0.043 kg of standard coal, ranking first in energy saving, followed by buses, which consume 0.11 kg of standard coal and motorcycles with 0.272 kg of standard coal. Family cars are the most energy-intensive, with 0.544 kg of standard coal.

Problems that should be paid attention to when using electric vehicles

What are the problems that cannot be ignored in the use of electric vehicles? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone:
1. The charger must be placed in a ventilated place when charging, the external power cord is not less than 4MM, and the socket is not less than 30A.
2. The running time of the new car is one month or 1000KM. At that time, the gear oil must be replaced, the front and rear wheels must be maintained, and the screws must be tightened.
3. The brake system must be checked before driving.
4. Accelerate uniformly when starting.
5. Shut down and turn off the power.
6. It is forbidden to play in children's vehicles.
7. Check the water and pile head of the battery monthly.
8. Regularly check all electrical components to ensure that there is no water or dust.