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  An electric scooter or an electric bike as it is […]


An electric scooter or an electric bike as it is commonly called is basically a pedal-powered two-wheeled vehicle with an electrical motor that enables the rider to propel the scooter for a relaxed ride. However, an electric scooter too is a two wheeled vehicle which comes with a front handle bar and is fitted with an electric engine. In some countries like the U.S.A., electric scooters are restricted to roads with traffic signals whereas in other countries electric scooters can be ridden everywhere.

If you are wondering what makes an electric scooter so popular with both young and old alike then you must know about the top speed it reaches and its energy consumption. As it reaches its maximum speed of about 18 mph, the rider will have covered a distance of about 2 miles and consume about one and a half pounds of energy. This is equivalent to about one and a half hour of ride time on an ordinary motorbike. Moreover, as the rider pedals the scooter, the vehicle reaches a speed of about three and a half miles per hour, which is almost equal to driving a car. With this, the rider of the electric scooter will be able to cover a distance of about four hundred miles within a single charge.

One major reason why many persons have recently switched over to an electric scooter as their primary vehicle is the fact that it consumes a mere handful of pounds to use them. The electric scooter also helps to protect the environment as it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, a motorbike rider would have to consume huge amounts of gasoline to reach the same speed as the electric scooter. Apart from being used as a transport tool, the electric scooters are also used for exercising. For this reason, many persons purchase these vehicles for use at home or in the gym.