The electric scooter has electricity, but it cannot be used


  When we ride an electric car, many times there w […]


When we ride an electric car, many times there will be some faults. For example, there are many times when we find that our electric vehicles are obviously powered, such as lights and speakers, and even the throttle switch is not loaded. It also turned, but once we sat up, it refused to leave. Why? At this time we can check it ourselves:

1. The brake cable of electric car can be pulled out. If it is still rotating, it means the brake is broken, and it should be repaired in time;

2, look at the battery output of electric car is normal, the output is too low, it means the battery has been damaged, need to replace the battery;

3, check the turn, use the wire short to turn the positive and signal lines (speaking is to make the turn short), if the car turns to prove that the turn is bad, urgent need to replace or repair, turn on the power to turn the turn with the universal meter positive Line and signal lines.

4. If the contact of the motor carbon brush is not enough, it will also cause the electric vehicle of Linyi to have electricity.

There is also a need to check the connection line, the connection line will sometimes be rubbed by other things, etc., causing internal damage to the power line, the same as the corrosion of the wiring head will cause the same effect, the current does not force, it can turn when no load, but the load After that, it will not work, but the light speakers and so on can work normally. Check if the battery output of the electric vehicle is normal. If the output is too low, it proves that the battery is bad and it is urgent to replace the battery.