The advantages of electric scooter design and daily maintenance


The current scooter is designed with a code table to sh […]

The current scooter is designed with a code table to show the speed and speed of the scooter. This is to let the user better see the speed performance of the scooter. Relatively speaking, if the user is different. There can be a relative judgment on the road section, and on what kind of section, how many speeds can be used to facilitate riding.

2, shock absorption system: the traditional electric scooter only adds a certain tire toughness to reduce the vibration of the basic design, and even some users said that the traditional electric balance car in the ridge and some speed bumps and the like, Because the shock absorption is not good, the hips are somewhat painful. An electric scooter after the addition of a damping system can solve these relative problems.

3, collapsible: the traditional scooters are fixed or disassembled, such a scooter is not convenient to carry and is not easy to store, after the improvement of the new electric scooter, the relative parts such as cushions, hands The levers and the like can be folded, and the gaps provided are convenient for carrying and carrying.

1 set time to check the wheel

Our wheels rub against the ground every day, and the wheels are textured. When the wheels wear to a certain extent, it may affect our riding. Therefore, the user needs to regularly check the wear level of the wheel and replace it in time.

2 regular use of lubricating oil

At the place where the axles of our electric scooter are in contact, look at it every once in a while and apply a little oil. Here you can look at the place with the screw to check if it is loose, and if it is loose, tighten it.

3 regular cleaning of the body

When you go out to ride, it is inevitable that you will get dust and dirt. If you have too much, you should carefully clean the scooter body with a wet towel and clean the sand and other stones on the tires. Be careful not to rinse directly with water.

4 check the battery regularly

Our battery is a lithium battery. After using the battery, it needs to be charged in time. Don't wait for the battery to lose power for a long time.