Special attention is required for riding in haze


Taizhou Huangyan Gerui Vehicle Co.,Ltd. remind you to p […]

Taizhou Huangyan Gerui Vehicle Co.,Ltd. remind you to pay special attention to riding in a haze

The air convection is relatively low on a foggy day, and the process of riding an electric vehicle will accelerate the air flow, which will result in an increase in the amount of adsorption in a short time. Therefore, special protection is required, and it is best to wear a mask of better quality. Electric vehicle manufacturers remind you to pay special attention to riding in haze:

1. Use sports masks: Ordinary masks will affect normal breathing. Many manufacturers have developed professional sports masks, which have good filtering effects on air pollutants and PM2.5 while ensuring breathing effects, but sports masks The price of the product is slightly higher, and car riders who often travel in smog can consider buying.

2. After riding the throat lozenges: the haze days have been outside for a long time, the throat is easily uncomfortable, more often itchy. Eat throat lozenges containing mint and borneol to cool the congested throat and relieve coughing discomfort. But don't eat too sweet throat lozenges, sugar is too high, there will be a sticky feeling.

3. Wash your hands, wash your face and rinse your mouth after riding: PM2.5 particles will also get on our skin in the form of aerosols, especially in recent dry weather, many people will rub moisturizer or lip balm before going out, which is easier to contaminate Bacteria or other harmful particles in the air. If you don't wash it in time, especially the dirty things on your lips will be eaten when you drink water and lick your lips, irritating your throat. Friends with rhinitis should clean up the nasal cavity in time after riding.

4. Drink plenty of water and eat more lung-fighting food: In a hazy sky, no matter whether you are engaged in outdoor activities, drink plenty of water, drink Tremella, Sydney and other lung-fighting food, which can keep the body moist Sufficient, blocking particulate matter in shallower respiratory and digestive tracts.