Some problems with charging two-wheel electric vehicles


1. Under normal circumstances, when electric vehicles a […]

1. Under normal circumstances, when electric vehicles are driven to 60%-70% of the maximum mileage stated in the manual, charging is the best, which can avoid the early capacity loss of the battery and over discharge.

2. If the electric car often takes people and climbs hills, we must charge the electric car after driving to 50% of the maximum mileage stated in the manual.

3. If you seldom drive and do not drive to 60%-70% of the longest continuous mileage in a week, you must charge it once.

4. If the electric vehicle is not used for a long time due to going out, it is recommended to charge it once a month.

In summary, there are some related issues about electric vehicle charging. A good electric vehicle lies in maintenance. We can only extend the service life of two-wheeled electric vehicles by maintaining more electric vehicles at ordinary times.

Two-wheeled electric vehicles are also low-carbon and environmentally friendly vehicles

The electric energy of electric vehicles mainly comes from thermal power generation. Thermal power generation, like internal combustion engines, consumes fossil fuels. This process produces a variety of pollutants. In other words, the smokestacks of power plants are polluted, and the car exhaust is also polluted. However, power plants are usually built far away from densely populated areas. Compared with fuel vehicles, the pollution source is farther away from the crowd, and it is more convenient for the unified treatment and control of pollution.

New products developed by modern cities for environmentally friendly, clean and efficient cleaning power tools have many features such as multiple functions, more practicality, and more energy saving. The product is more humane: workers can pick up garbage without getting out of the car; the body can be placed with tools such as brooms and shovels; with reverse gear function to facilitate dumping of garbage; the box is made of environmentally friendly, degradable and fireproof materials.