Signs before electric car battery scrapped


 Everyone knows that electric vehicle batteries are the […]

 Everyone knows that electric vehicle batteries are the core components of electric vehicles, but electric vehicle batteries have a life span. At present, most electric vehicles on the market use lead-acid batteries, which can be normally used for more than 1 year. Users should determine whether to scrap according to the specific conditions and operating conditions. But under what circumstances need to replace the new battery? What are the signs before the battery is scrapped?

   1. The actual discharge capacity of the battery is less than about 60% of the rated capacity. If it cannot be significantly increased after maintenance, it can be confirmed as scrapped.

   This is due to the fact that when the battery is in use, the performance will be greatly attenuated after the capacity is decayed to about 60%, and all the components have basically deteriorated. This decay has a tendency to gradually accelerate, and it will soon completely lose its ability to charge and discharge.
   2. Whether the battery is charged or discharged, its casing is extremely hot.

   The cause of fever is that the active material on the polar plate is severely detached, the internal resistance increases, and the heat generation increases. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve to check, you will see that the electrolyte is "black", and it cannot be repaired if it fails seriously. At this time, the battery self-discharges quickly, and sometimes runs out of charge soon after charging.

   3. The battery will be fully charged after dozens of minutes of charging, and the battery will run out in less than a few hours of riding.

   This time it is time to replace the battery, and try to choose high-quality brand batteries when choosing the battery.

   Under normal circumstances, the service life of the battery with a large depth of discharge is about 1 year; the life of the battery with a discharge depth of 50%-70% is about 1 and a half years; the battery produced by an individual manufacturer can reach more than 2 years. When the above symptoms appear on the battery, it means that the battery life is over and it is time to replace it.