Several methods of electric vehicle battery repair


  Electric vehicle batteries will experience a dec […]


Electric vehicle batteries will experience a decline in battery capacity after a period of use. So, how can we make the electric vehicle battery last longer? Let's take a look at the several methods that our Shandong electric vehicle manufacturers have collected for you to repair the electric vehicle battery to extend the life of your electric vehicle battery. .

1. Moisturizing
The repair method for the electric vehicle battery that has been used for half a year is to replenish the water once, which can extend the service life of the battery, and the extended time averages more than 3 months. It should be noted that after each water replenishment, the battery is in an overcharge state to change the battery from "quasi-lean" to "lean" state, and this overcharge is beneficial to increase the battery capacity.

2. Sulfation
The vulcanized battery is repaired with an electric vehicle battery repair instrument. Using fuzzy digital control theory, the positive and negative frequency conversion particle waves are continuously emitted during charging and discharging by measuring the battery state. It takes 10 to 20 hours to remove the crystallized change Hard lead sulfate.

3. Take the particle generator
Take a particle generator in parallel with the battery to repair the battery of the electric vehicle. This method is better for repairing the battery, but because the repair is more thorough, if there is no over-discharge, for the continuous use of the battery, the possibility of battery sulfidation is often completely eliminated.

The repair of used electric vehicle batteries is conditional. Those plates that are severely deformed, corroded, and short-circuited can only be scrapped. Some can be repaired. The electrolyte can be repeatedly charged and discharged after the electrolyte is replaced. The battery repair cannot reach the original capacity.