Safety instructions for using a balance car


Many times in the world, balancing car fire and explosi […]

Many times in the world, balancing car fire and explosion incidents have caused many consumers to stagger in the face of quality and safety. Therefore, for users, the most concern is the safety of product quality and the reliability of the brand, but with the rapid development of the balance car industry, many cottage brands that are eager for quick success have followed suit.
At present, there are only a few comprehensive production companies with strong comprehensive strength in the domestic electric balance car. The rest of the manufacturers are directly sold by purchasing the inferior parts and assembling them into cars.
Therefore, consumers should choose a brand with patented technology, independent research and development strength and production strength when purchasing a balance car. The market is mixed, and looking at the brand is the key.
The battery used in the electric balance car is one of the most important parts. At present, there is no national standard in the industry.
At present, the most suitable battery for balancing vehicles is an explosion-proof lithium battery. The lithium battery can sustain discharge continuously, has high capacity and can be recharged multiple times.
Balance car driving safety instructions
1. When learning to drive a balance car, please make sure to take safety measures such as wearing helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear.
2. The weight of the user and the items he carries should not exceed the maximum load of the balance car indicated in the manual. Otherwise, the driver will be more likely to fall or be injured during use, and even damage the function of the balance car. In addition, the driver's weight should not be less than the minimum weight of the driver indicated in the manual, otherwise the driver may not be able to control the balance car, especially when downhill, can not safely reduce the speed or stop.
3. When you are driving with other users of the driving balance car, keep a certain distance from each other to avoid collision.
4. Please be wary of things in front of you and in the distance. Maintaining a good view will help you drive the balance car safer.
5. Avoid driving on obstacles and smooth ground, such as: snow, ice, and slippery floors. Avoid running on surfaces that are free of sporadic objects such as twigs, trash or small stones.
6. Relax with your legs relaxed while your knees are slightly bent, which will keep you balanced when you encounter bumpy ground.
7. Please wear a balance bike in a sporty suit to help you deal with emergencies better.
8. Always remember that when you are driving a balance car, your body's height is increased by about 10 cm. Please pay attention to your head when passing the door.
9. The balance car can only be driven by one person and cannot carry two people or more at the same time.
10. Be sure to let the speed of the car be within the safety of yourself and others, and be ready to stop the operation of the balance car.
The balance car is a convenient means of transportation. As long as it stands on it, it can be easily operated, and the balance car can solve the problem of traffic jams in an environmentally friendly and convenient way.
Nowadays, many people have used the balance car to go to work. They don't have to feel the traffic jam, and they don't have to feel the hurry. It is a great thing. When using a balance car, be sure to pay attention to safety and ensure your safety is the first priority.