Riding an electric car on a snowy day to teach you these 4 riding skills


1. Make sufficient preparations    First of all, you ne […]

1. Make sufficient preparations

   First of all, you need to prepare warm and windproof equipment. Before leaving, you must clean up the snow on the saddle and handlebars to ensure that the pants and gloves are not wet. On the road covered with snow, it is undoubtedly the most slippery. It is best to clear the snow before and after the wheels before starting the car. It is not easy to grasp the handle vigorously when starting, otherwise the wheels will spin idly and the electric car body will lose its balance. There will also be a lot of snow in the front and rear lights. If it is not cleared, it will affect the lighting effect of the headlights, and it is even more dangerous at night.

   2. Maintain a relatively safe distance

   On snowy days, riding an electric car must keep a safe distance from the car, which is about 4-5 times the braking distance of the car. Because the snowy road is flat, when the car has a side slip and other accidents, you are close to it, and the city gate will definitely catch fire and kill the pond fish. Regardless of the width of the road and the condition of the road, never ride a fast car in the snow, always pay attention to the distance between the front and rear vehicles and your own car, and be prepared to take various emergency measures in advance.

  3. Pay attention to pedestrians walking in snowy days

Pedestrians holding umbrellas in rainy and snowy weather will have weakened their sight, hearing and reaction ability. Our cyclists also wear ponchos and have the same problem. Don’t panic if you haven’t noticed the car, slow down as much as you can. When you meet pedestrians, be patient and avoid rushing, and don’t argue with the car.

   4. Keep driving at a constant speed, do not turn the screw to the head

   Snow skies on the road, sudden braking and acceleration may cause slipping, and the handlebars should not be too fast or too fast. Therefore, when riding a bicycle, you must hold the handlebars with both hands and keep straight and driving at a low speed. When you need to turn, you should brake gently to prevent the tires from locking and causing the electric vehicle to slip. Note, it is best not to overtake!

  Importantly, it is best to wear a pair of shoes with better slip resistance. Because the ground is relatively slippery in snow, it is difficult for us to maintain balance by electric vehicles. Sometimes we need to use our feet to prevent electric vehicles from slipping. Finally, we must remind everyone that when traveling in the snow, we must pay attention to safety.