Riding an electric car on a snowy day teaches you these 4 kinds of riding skills


  Snowy weather, and many people riding an electri […]


Snowy weather, and many people riding an electric car to work out will be inconvenient, reminding the majority of friends must pay attention to safety, electric car manufacturers teach you these four kinds of riding skills.

1. Preliminary work must be done adequately

First, you need to prepare warm and windproof equipment. Before you leave, you should clean the snow from the saddle and handlebars to ensure that the trousers are not wet. In the snow-covered pavement, it is undoubtedly the most slippery. It is best to remove the snow before and after the car. It is not easy to grab the handle when starting. Otherwise, the wheels will idle and the electric car body will be out of balance. There will be a lot of snow on the front and rear lights. If it is not cleared, it will affect the lighting effect of the lights, and it will be even more dangerous at night.

2, maintain a relatively safe distance

On snowy days, riding an electric car must maintain a safe distance from the car, which is about 4-5 times the braking distance of the car. Because the snow road is smooth, when the car has a side slip and other accidents, you are close to it, surely the city gate is burning and the fish. Regardless of the width of the road and the condition of the road, you should not ride the express train in the snow. Pay attention to the distance between the vehicle before and after the vehicle and the vehicle, and prepare for the emergency measures in advance.

3, pay attention to pedestrians walking in the snow

Due to pedestrians in rain and snow, their sight, hearing and responsiveness will be weakened. The people who ride will wear ponchos and have the same problem, so don't cross the road when crossing the road. Don't be alarmed if you don't notice the car. Try to slow down slowly. When you meet pedestrians, be patient and avoid it. Don't be impatient, don't argue with the car.

4, keep driving at a constant speed, do not turn the screw to the head

Snowy road slips, sudden braking and acceleration can cause slipping, and the handlebars should not be too strong and too fast. Therefore, the bicycle should hold the handlebars with both hands, keep straight and low speed, and when turning, you should gently brake to prevent the tire from locking and causing the electric vehicle to slip. Note that it is best not to overtake!

It is important to note that it is best to wear a pair of shoes with better anti-slip performance. Because the snowy ground is relatively slippery, it is difficult for us to balance with electric vehicles. Sometimes we need to use our feet to keep the electric car from slipping. Finally, we must remind everyone that when traveling in the snow, we must pay attention to safety.