Reasons for the harshness of electric vehicles when braking


  In recent years, with the continuous rise in oil […]


In recent years, with the continuous rise in oil prices, electric vehicles have become an important means of travel for the general public, but the harsh sound of its sudden braking has also become a new type of noise in the city. What is the reason for this noise?

According to experts, the material, weight and speed of electric vehicle brakes are the main causes of noise. At present, the battery car brake devices on the market are classified into holding brakes, expansion brakes and suspension back brakes. Among them, the better-performing expansion brake is expensive, although the noise is low. In order to reduce production costs, the front brake of the battery car is currently suspended, and the rear brake is held. When the speed exceeds 10 kilometers and the required resistance when braking is not enough, the brake lever will be contracted to increase the friction between the brake pads and the brake disc to achieve the purpose of rapid braking. At this time, a "squeak" sound will be generated.

The battery weight of most trams has certain restrictions. In order to meet the consumer's demand for "faster speed", some manufacturers remove the speed-limiting resistors and artificially accelerate the speed, which makes the battery brake components overburden, and it is easy to make harsh noise.