Methods of cleaning and maintaining electric vehicles


Methods of cleaning and maintaining electric vehicles E […]

Methods of cleaning and maintaining electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are our main means of transportation. We often use electric vehicles. There will be a lot of dust and dirt on electric vehicles. How should we clean and maintain electric vehicles? Today, electric bicycle manufacturers will share a few methods with you, hoping to help you.

1. When our electric vehicles get dusty, we should scrub them frequently. When we scrub the electric vehicles, don’t pour water on the electric vehicles, because there are many circuits in the electric vehicles. If the circuits are wetted , Will affect the use of electric vehicles. It may damage the electric vehicle.

2. When we are cleaning electric vehicles, we should use a rag to half dry and then slowly scrub the electric vehicles. We can use a wet rag to wring dry and then wipe the whole body of the electric vehicles to one side. Change a few more pots in the dirty place. Water, scrub slowly and patiently.

3. When cleaning the electric vehicles, we must pay special attention not to wet the electric circuit of the electric vehicles. As long as there is a circuit, it is best not to get water. We also need to clean the wheels, because if the metal ring of the tire is dusty. It is easy to rust after growing, especially after it rains, the metal is covered with a thick layer of soil, which is not conducive to the evaporation of water. We'd better clean the dirt on it to avoid rust.

4. Especially in the lower part of the electric vehicles, there is a lot of dust and mud. We need to use a rag to slowly soften the clumped mud and dust, and then remove the mud and dust. Be careful not to damage the parts of the electric vehicles. Use a sharp tool to poke and scrape the dust on the electric vehicle, and slowly wipe it with a rag with water.