Maintenance of electric vehicle tires


   Electric vehicle tires are a very important par […]


 Electric vehicle tires are a very important part of electric vehicles. When conducting daily inspections on electric vehicles, pay attention to whether the tires are normal and pay attention to maintenance every day. So how should we maintain electric vehicle tires in daily life?

   1. electric vehicle tires are rubber products. Consumers should avoid sticking oil such as engine oil, kerosene, gasoline, etc. when riding or stopping electric cars to prevent aging and deterioration of rubber.

   2, the electric car must be full of breath when not in use, to prevent the inner and outer tires from being crushed to form wrinkles, resulting in cracks and deformation in the places where the collapse and wrinkles occur, thereby greatly reducing the life of the tire.

   3. Do not overload. It should be known that more than 95% of electric vehicles do not have a support frame for the rear tires, and rely on the rear wheels and the unilateral support frame to support the weight of the body. Then the tires bear a weight of tens of kilograms.

   4. often check the tire valve core to prevent outgassing and maintain a normal range of tire pressure.

   5. do not park the electric car when it is not in use, it will accelerate the aging of the tire in the long run.

   6. electric cars should not be parked in the hot sun, high temperature exposure may not only cause tire explosion, but also accelerate tire aging.

   7. Long parking time, try not to use side braces. To reduce the weight of the rear tires.

   8. If you don't use electric vehicles for a long time, you can cover the tires with plastic bags or the like.

  The quality of the tire is also one of the important factors for the safety of riding electric vehicles. Therefore, we should check the tire every day in ordinary life, and check the air pressure with a barometer at least once a month. Check the pressure in the tire as the tire cools.