Is the balance car suitable for children to play?


Is the balance car suitable for children to play? Is th […]

Is the balance car suitable for children to play? Is the balance car suitable for children? What are the benefits of a baby riding a balance car? What problems do you need to pay attention to when buying a balance car for your baby? What is a balance car? The children's balance car is mainly designed for children, and the balance ability of the child is exercised. The baby needs to use the foot to continuously provide the sliding force. It is a means of walking, sports and entertainment for the 2-5 year old baby, so that it can enjoy the sport better. There are two types of materials: metal (steel, aluminum alloy) + wood, and metal vehicles are higher in safety, operability, stability, durability, and more expensive. Which children are suitable for the balance car? The recommended age is 2-5 years old. In actual use, it is necessary to select a child balance car of the appropriate size according to the height and leg length measurement. Consult the store staff at the time of purchase. Benefits of baby riding a balance car 1.

Baby riding a balance car can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, so that shoulders, ridges, legs, limbs, feet, wrists get comprehensive exercise, enhance physical flexibility and skill. 2, the balance car movement is called "puzzle movement" by the medical community, through the body muscle movement, the body is in an active and relaxed state, promote the development of the cerebellum to promote brain development and improve intelligence. 3, balance car sports melted, dangerous, strange, clever, beautiful in one, it enriches people's lives, has a very good effect on cultivating a person's positive, confident, firm and enterprising personality quality. 4, the balance car does not need a dedicated venue, whether it is used in roads, parks, forest trails or courtyards, indoors, its rideability is almost all-weather. 5, balance car movement can promote the balance of the baby's body, coordination, flexibility and the ability to cultivate independence.

What issues should I pay attention to when buying a balance car for my baby? 1. The choice of balance car is mainly safety. It must be protected in the weight and design to ensure the baby is strong and durable. The handlebar is recommended to be rotated 360 degrees so that the baby will not hurt the upper limb when it falls. 2, the seat and handlebars can be adjusted with height, so that the baby can be used for a longer period of time. 3. Brand: Must pass the national “CCC” certification, including product name, enterprise information, main materials, applicable age and other elements, do not buy “three no” products. Balance car without hand brake: mainly for babies over 2 years old. Balance car with handbrake: mainly for babies over 3 years old. The difference between the balance car and the scooter balance car is more focused on the child's hand-eye coordination ability, and the mastery of the big action, the road surface flatness is not demanding, skilled in the pit road can play very HIGH, and can be very Smooth transition to cycling.

The difference between balance car and bicycle is that there is no ankle, auxiliary wheel and chain. The smallest size of the bicycle is generally 12 inches. It is suitable for babies over 3 years old. If you don’t exercise balance through the balance car, the baby starts to ride the bicycle. It is necessary to use the auxiliary wheel! Bao Ma Tips 1. When the baby is riding the balance car outdoors, the baby must wear a helmet to protect the baby's head. At the same time, beginners are advised to wear gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear. 2. When riding, you must be accompanied by an adult. You are not allowed to ride on public roads, and you are not allowed to ride in dangerous areas such as waters, steps, and cliffs.