Is fast charging harmful to electric vehicle batteries


  With the popularity of electric vehicles, the su […]


With the popularity of electric vehicles, the supporting industry of electric vehicles in recent years, fast charging and charging stations has also gradually risen. Now it is often found on the roadside, and electric vehicle users do not have to worry about insufficient power.

Using fast charging to charge electric vehicles can achieve the effect of fast charging. For 10 minutes for 1 yuan, you can continue for 5 to 6 kilometers. However, while many people enjoy the convenience of it, they will also worry about whether it will affect the battery life. After research, it is found that when using this fast charger to charge, it will exceed the load of the electric vehicle battery design, which will damage the internal structure of the battery to a certain extent. Therefore, even if a new electric vehicle is frequently charged using a fast charging station, the battery life may be greatly reduced.

Through the introduction above, we can see that using a charging station will cause some damage to the battery of the electric vehicle, but this is not to say that it cannot be used. In an emergency, fast charging is still necessary, and it can even alleviate our urgent needs.