Introduction to the main components of two-wheel electric vehicles


  Two-wheeled electric vehicles are similar in app […]


Two-wheeled electric vehicles are similar in appearance, but there are many differences in their internal structure. If consumers want to buy an electric vehicle, they must not only choose its brand and appearance, but also understand its internal structure and choose appropriate performance. Wheel electric vehicle manufacturers introduce the main components of electric vehicles.

There are three main driving methods for two-wheel electric vehicles, namely: hub-mounted drive, mid-mounted drive, and suspension drive. The electric vehicles produced by Linyi two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers are generally driven by wheel hubs. Due to the poor performance of front-wheel drive, they generally use rear-wheel drive.

Two-wheel electric vehicle batteries are placed in different positions. When designing the location of electric vehicles, the Linyi two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers first consider the overall balance of the electric vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle. Generally, the battery of an electric vehicle is placed in the position of the inclined tube or the riser of the frame.

The battery capacity and rated voltage determine the range of electric vehicles. The electric vehicles produced by Linyi two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers are generally equipped with affordable 36V12ah lead-acid batteries, which have relatively suitable range.

Precautions for use of control system

The control system consists of a controller, a drive block (only available for models with current display), a display instrument, a speed control handle and a brake power-off handle, with stepless speed regulation, brake power-off protection, under-voltage protection, and over-current protection , Stall protection, silent soft start, electronic auxiliary braking and braking or coasting energy recovery and other functions.

   Precautions for using the controller

  1. The controller is generally placed in the plastic part of the electric vehicle. A large current will pass through the inside and generate more heat. After a long time of work, the surface temperature may be quite high. Do not touch it with your hands. Do not expose the electric vehicle to the sun or rain for a long time when parking to avoid malfunction of the controller.

  2. When using the speed control handle, it is required to rotate gently, and no force is required to rotate.