The future of personal transportation: electric scooters


Market analysts have seen a sharp rise in the popularit […]

Market analysts have seen a sharp rise in the popularity of electric scooters in recent years. As more environmentally conscious consumers enter the market, demand for electric scooters will continue to drive manufacturers to innovate more incredible products. Market analysts and technologists predict that electric scooters will be the preferred form of personal transportation over the next decade. The reasons are as follows:

Development of battery technology

Lead-acid batteries have been a popular choice for electric scooter manufacturer in the past. Today, more environmental companies have been promoting the use of lithium-ion batteries, and experts predict this trend will continue to rise. Throughout the history of electric scooters, it can be said that battery technology is one of the biggest obstacles to their large-scale development. Other battery-powered models at the paste were largely experimental and required very bulky lead-acid batteries to power their operations. The latest advances in consuming battery technology, the development of lithium-ion batteries, have greatly reduced the size of the batteries needed to power electric scooters and improved overall battery life. We firmly believe that the battery technology will break through another barrier that is capacity.


The potential market

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for the majority of the sales of electric scooters worldwide, and 90% of the global shipments of electric scooters in 2016 came from these regions. The European and north American markets (mainly referring to the United States) have also witnessed significant growth in electric scooters recently, especially the hot development of Shared electric scooters, which greatly promoted the overall strength of the electric scooter industry. Experts predict these markets will become stronger over the next decade as U.S. census data show a growing population of international metropolises, which means more demand for commuting and going out.


Environmental protection

a series of environmental problems caused by the massive use of carbon-based fuels, consumers' awareness of environmental protection is constantly improving. Therefore, such consumers are also a group that cannot be ignored, and manufacturers and retailers have to change their inherent business modes for them. Electric cars are one of the leading growth industries in this new market. Electric vehicles can save transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions at the same time, which makes them an attractive choice for many people. What’s more, electric scooters have incomparable advantages in short distance transportation due to their high cost performance ratio, lightweight and flexible features.