Operation case of Sharing electric scooter


The operation process of shared GPS electric scooter is […]

The operation process of shared GPS electric scooter is same with the sharing bike. You can download and install the specialized app by using WeChat or browser to identify the QR code, and then unlock a scooter by using the scaning function of that app. The shared app does not have the payment function, only the official version can achieve all the functions, so if you want to know the official version or related shared GPS scooter information, you can consult customer service staff.


Scan code process:

1. Download the shared GPS scooter app developed by our company, and select the Android and iOS system versions according to the type of your mobile phone.

2. Open the scaning function on the App and Scan the QR code of Shared GPS Scooter. After scanning the code successfully, then click the Open button to open the shared scooter, and then you can ride a shared scooter.

3. You can search the location of the shared GPS scooter, charging pile, cruising range, safety problem and acceleration monitoring through the shared app at any time, which is safer, more convenient and faster for you.

The features of sharing scooter are time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and fast, so that can be used in a variety of occasions and environments. It is not only convenient for people's travel and life. but also make contributions for protecting environments. At the same time, the relevant government and transportation departments will be atracted by the good usage rate of shared GPS scooter so that make more suitable regulation to solve the problems caused by shared scooter and the create a better environment for people. For environmental protection, sharing scooters has played a very good role. The professional trafficking mode and multiple rental mode options bring more advantages to more people.


Of course, there is also a requirement for the use of scooters. For young people who are not up to standard height, they cannot use shared scooters. Sharing is suitable for office workers, daily life traffic, etc., which can bring more convenience to your transportation and travel. The convenience brought by sharing also makes more people experience the importance of shared GPS electric scooters in life.