How to ride an electric bike safely


1. Good mentality. People who have never ridden an elec […]

1. Good mentality. People who have never ridden an electric bike fear the car the first time they ride. You must have a good attitude, this is a good start.

2. Beginners are still nervous because of fear. It is recommended that beginners wear protective gear and helmets, so that safety has a basic guarantee.

3. Ask your family about how to ride a bicycle, which is the throttle and which is the brake. At the same time, when riding a bicycle to go out to work, you must remember to turn off the power when parking.

4. Don't go on the road soon when you are just studying. Find an open space with your family to practice and exercise your courage.

5. The "throttle" control feels very important. Today's smart electric vehicles are divided into low-speed gears, medium-speed gears and high-speed gears. Novices must choose low-speed gears. When you add the accelerator with the right hand, increase it slowly, and just add a little bit. First, stabilize the speed and do not continue. You can slowly accelerate in a straight line. Remember to slowly release the accelerator when turning and preparing to stop, and don't slam the brakes.

6. The last thing is to lock the car. Now electric cars can be locked with a key, so there is no need to use old-fashioned locks. When some people first touch the car, they always feel that the key is not in place. In fact, it is very simple. Turn the front of the car at an angle to the left and pull it ok~

What should children pay attention to when riding electric vehicles? The safety of parents

Under normal circumstances, parents will allow their children to go to school near their home by the "principle of proximity", and this distance is the distance that most electric vehicles can reach, which is an important reason for children's accidents in electric vehicles. The following Jinkuo Electric Vehicle Factory summarizes several dangerous postures for riding an electric bicycle with children, and see if you are caught:

1. Step on the stool with the child sitting facing the parent
Hazard analysis: Even if there is a minor impact, the child's head can easily hit the front of the electric car, such as the handlebars and other hard objects.

2. The child is standing on the pedal of the electric car
Hazard analysis: Since the child standing on the pedal has no protection, once an accident occurs, it is easy to be thrown out of the car directly and vulnerable to serious injury.

3. The child sits on the front of the electric car
Hazard analysis: For electric vehicles that are close to bicycles, parents like to let their children sit on the front of the car. This not only affects the direction of grasping, but also obstructs the parents’ view. In the event of an accident, the child can easily become a parent’s "mat".

4. Carry your child and ride an electric bike
Hazard analysis: In this case, once an accident occurs, parents who ride the bicycle with one hand often cannot respond in time, allowing the accident to occur.

Have you caught the above dangerous postures for riding a child with a child? Then don't do such dangerous things again in the future. Jinkuo electric bicycle reminds you that for your safety and your children's safety, please ride safely.