How to lubricate electric vehicles and inflate tires?


Lubricating oil for electric vehicle bearings As we all […]

Lubricating oil for electric vehicle bearings

As we all know, the bearing is exposed to the outside and the seal is not good and easy to enter water, such as the right side bearing of the front wheel; the motor does not have the brake end cover. The large friction force causes the bearing to wear out and "fall apart". In this case, it is necessary to lubricate the bearings of electric vehicles. So what should be done?

First clean the steel bowl and steel balls with kerosene and dry them with a cloth. Then use clean fingers to pick some butter and spread them on the fairway of the steel bowl, and then evenly load the steel balls into the fairway (the steel bowl is filled with steel balls). After that, there should be a half of the steel ball gap between the steel balls. If the ball frame type steel ball is used, the steel ball should face inward and touch the steel bowl. Do not install the steel ball frame backwards), and then coat the outside of the steel ball. Apply a layer of butter and flatten it with your fingers.

The rolling bearings of electric vehicles should be lubricated with butter to maintain long-term lubrication performance. If thin lubricating oil is injected, the original oil dilution flow will reduce the lubrication performance and anti-rust effect for a long time; and other movable parts such as chains, flywheels, workshops, etc., thin lubricating oil should be added.

The measurement of electric car tire inflation

Believe it is one of everyone's favorite means of transportation. In this city, it really facilitates our lives. In this bustling city center, it's not as congested as cars all day, especially during peak periods. It walks fast, and it doesn't look like a bicycle. You have to stare at it yourself. This is undoubtedly the best, most suitable and convenient one for lazy people. However, when inflating the tires of two-wheeled electric bicycles , We must pay attention to grasp the proper measure:

  Properly inflate the tires of electric vehicles, so that the driving can reach the ideal level, and at the same time can extend the service life of the tires. Excessive or insufficient inflation will not only threaten safety, but will also cause uneven wear, making your driving more unstable and more likely to be damaged by overheating. Insufficient inflation will speed up battery power consumption. Therefore, the user should check the air pressure with a barometer at least once a month, and check the pressure inside the tire when the tire is cold.