How to charge the electric car correctly?


How to charge an electric vehicle correctly: Electric v […]

How to charge an electric vehicle correctly:

Electric vehicles have now become an indispensable means of transportation in life. Basically, every family has one. Do you know how to charge it correctly? Many people don't know whether the battery of an electric vehicle should be recharged when it is dead or whether it should be charged when it is slightly insufficient. There are more and more friends riding electric bicycles on the street, but few know the correct way to charge the battery of electric vehicles. Today I will tell you how to charge the battery of an electric car:

1. It is necessary to keep the battery fully charged and ride the electric moped every day, no matter 10-50km, it should be recharged, so that the battery is in a "full state" for a long time, and the battery is charged on the same day. The plate vulcanization occurs and the capacity decreases.

2. Perform regular deep discharge: It is recommended that you use the two-pass after two months to perform a deep discharge, that is, long-distance riding until the undervoltage indicator flashes and the power is used up, and then recharges to restore the battery capacity, which also allows you to understand the battery Whether the current capacity level needs to be maintained and protected.

3. It is forbidden to store under power loss: storage under power loss will seriously affect the service life. The longer the idle time, the more serious the damage to the battery.

4. Regular inspection: If you buy a new car with a continuous mileage of 50km, the continuous mileage will be severely reduced within three months, such as more than ten kilometers. At this time, you can use a multimeter to check the voltage value of the battery external terminal. Generally, it should be 39 when fully charged. -42V, if the voltage is less than a few volts, or if the voltage of one battery in the battery box is lower than 10.5V, the internal single cell may be short-circuited. At this time, you should find a repair station to repair and replace, so as not to damage the other two good batteries. Also check the charger for malfunctions.

5. The designed load capacity of the electric bicycle is 75kg, so avoid carrying heavy objects. Please use your pedals to help when starting and climbing. Because the motor current increases at this time, the battery discharges too fast and the voltage drops rapidly. The smaller the depth of discharge of the battery each time it is used, the longer the service life of the capacitor. Therefore, reducing high-current discharge can prolong battery life and increase mileage. In addition, no matter how large the battery pack is, users should develop a good habit of charging as soon as they are used.

6. It is normal for the battery capacity to decrease with the temperature in winter. Taking 20℃ as the standard, the general -10℃ capacity is 80%.

7. Keep the battery surface clean for a long time. Exposure to the sun is prohibited when storing the car. The car should be placed in a cool, ventilated and dry place.