Four factors affect the quality of electric vehicles


Four factors affect the quality of electric vehicles    […]

Four factors affect the quality of electric vehicles

  With the development of the economy, electric vehicles have gradually become a small-scale transportation tool for people. The quality of electric vehicles now seems to be very important. Here are the factors that affect the quality of electric vehicles.
1. The basic structure of a tricycle: the most important component of an electric tricycle is the drive system, which is the motor, and the suspension system, the frame, wheels and steel plates. Therefore, the quality of the tricycle also depends on the quality of these two systems. Good or bad.
2. The drive system is also the battery: any vehicle that uses electricity as a driving force, the most critical and important factor is the battery. Its quality will directly determine the quality of electric vehicles such as three-wheel electric vehicles. .
3. The motor of the drive system: Generally, the more common electric tricycles are single-wheel motors, with an external frame, and the stability is relatively poor. The body frame is easy to deform. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose the type of motor with a large axle when choosing a model, because the stability of this model is better, and the mid-mounted motor drives the rear two wheels at the same time and starts smoothly.
4. Steel plate for tricycle accessories: The steel plate of the tricycle should be thicker, so that the frame will be thick and heavy, and the car will be more stable when driving and will not roll over. Of course, everything has two sides. While the car body is stable, the body of the tricycle will also increase, and this weight will increase, thereby affecting the speed of the tricycle.

  The above four factors affect the quality of electric vehicles. Everyone should pay more attention when buying them to avoid buying electric vehicles that are not of good quality.

Classification of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are divided into many types according to the number of tires, power source, driving mode, appearance, and use.

According to the number of tires and structure types, electric vehicles can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric unicycles, electric motorcycles, electric four-wheelers, electric tricycles, electric scooters; according to the source of power: pure electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, Hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles.

According to the way of power supply, it can be divided into two categories. One is to connect an external power source to obtain power, and the other is to use fuel cells and energy storage devices (such as energy storage batteries, super capacitors) as electricity.

Classified by driving mode: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (series, parallel, hybrid), fuel cell electric vehicles.

According to the appearance, it can be divided into electric unicycles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, and electric four-wheelers.

Classified by use: electric vehicles; electric tricycles; electric bicycles (comparable to bicycles);

Electric motorcycles, electric trucks, electric patrol cars, wheelchair strollers, folding bikes, surfing vehicles, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters.

The above is the classification of electric vehicles. Linyi Hengying electric vehicles are of good quality, excellent quality and diverse types.