Factors that cause the rear wheels of electric vehicles to not turn


  Electric vehicles are our most important travel […]


Electric vehicles are our most important travel tools in daily travel, but sometimes we will find that the rear wheels of electric vehicles do not turn during daily riding. What causes this? Let us take a look below.

   1. The rear wheel of the electric car is equipped with a driving motor, and the rear wheel does not turn suddenly. It must be a "stuck" phenomenon caused by the mechanical cause of the motor.

   2. Check the cause of the mechanical jam of the motor, including the motor rotor, and bearings.

   3. The brake is powered off (for example, the brake cable is disconnected, the brake switch does not return to the position, etc. In this case, when the power is turned on, the rear brake light is always on.)

4. The speed control handle is faulty, (check whether the speed control connection plug is connected reliably. The 3-wire can also directly short the rotary handle 4.2V (usually red) and the signal line (usually green), and the motor after shorting Should be transferred).

   5. Motor Hall. (The rear wheel makes noise and then stops when accelerating).

The handlebar is an important part of the electric car to control the speed. Because of its more frequent movements, the damage rate is relatively large. When it is damaged, it may also cause the electric car to not turn. When we encounter any of the above in our lives, The situation should be checked and repaired in a repair shop in time, so as not to leave hidden safety hazards and affect the use.