Electric vehicle manufacturers teach you how to easily repair electric vehicle brakes


  In the daily use of electric vehicles, whenever […]


In the daily use of electric vehicles, whenever the red light at the intersection lights up, at the corners of the intersection, you can hear the "squeak" scream that comes with the braking of some electric vehicles, which is too harsh. At this time, it indicates that your electric car brakes should be repaired. The electric car manufacturers teach you how to repair the electric car brakes.

1. Turn on the power lock, the electric vehicle can't stop turning (car shock phenomenon), can't stop the car, the detection method is to disconnect the controller speed controller's plug, which can immediately determine the speed controller or controller failure.

2. If you disconnect the speed regulating handle plug and open the electric door lock, the car still turns. It is determined that the controller is broken and should be replaced with a new one. Then determine what caused the end-face runout.

3. Remove the front wheel. Remove the disc. This is the most troublesome, and it is a bit difficult. Before screwing the hexagonal socket, you must knock three bolts with a hammer, otherwise the hexagonal socket plate can't be screwed off.

4. Clean the disc and place it on a clean glass with the non-stepped side facing down. Use a thin, hard piece of paper to plug next to the disc. If it cannot be inserted, it means that the disc is not deformed, and it means that the end face bounce is caused by the hub.