Electric vehicle manufacturers remind everyone of the safety hazards of windshields


  The weather is getting colder. As the temperatur […]


The weather is getting colder. As the temperature decreases, many people riding electric vehicles add "cold-proof artifacts" to their electric vehicles-windshield. Although the windshield has a certain cold protection effect, but Security risks should not be underestimated.

The width of most windshields exceeds the width of the handlebars, which can easily be caught by vehicles on both sides. When it's cold, you should wear more clothes, wear hats, masks, gloves, etc. to protect yourself from the cold. Knee pads are best to keep warm.

Electric vehicle manufacturers remind everyone that as the winter approaches, cold winds are gradually invading. Riding electric vehicles does require a certain amount of courage and protection measures, so many owners have installed windshields for their electric vehicles, but This approach also affects the operation of the owner and the speed of response to dangerous situations, so Xiaobian believes that for safety reasons, the windshield should still not be used, but don't hurt yourself because of covetous warmth.