Electric vehicle bearing and lubricating oil


  As we all know, the bearing is exposed to the ou […]


As we all know, the bearing is exposed to the outside and the seal is not easy to enter the water, such as the right wheel bearing on the front wheel; the motor does not have the brake end cover. The bearing and the oil seal are damaged. When the water is in contact, the grease in the bearing will be washed away, resulting in poor lubrication and rust. The large friction causes the bearing to wear off the "falling frame". In this case, it is necessary to lubricate the electric vehicle bearings. So what should I do?

First clean the steel bowl and the steel ball with kerosene, and dry it with a cloth. Then use a clean finger to pick some butter and apply it on the fairway of the steel bowl. Then load the steel ball evenly into the fairway (the steel bowl is filled with steel balls). After that, there should be a gap between the steel balls and half of the steel ball. If the ball-type steel ball is used, the steel ball should be facing inward, contact with the steel bowl, do not put the steel ball frame on the reverse, and then coat the steel ball. A layer of butter and level with your fingers.

Rolling bearings for electric vehicles should be lubricated with butter to maintain lubrication for a longer period of time. If a thin lubricating oil is injected, the original butter will be diluted for a long time to reduce the lubricating performance and rust prevention effect; and for other activities such as chains, flywheels, workshops, etc., a thin lubricating oil should be added.