Electric balance car, why wear safety gear?


hy do you wear safety gear when riding an electric bala […]

hy do you wear safety gear when riding an electric balance car? You often see foreigners in the news and movies. Whether it is a school experiment or a home improvement, there are different models. For a little bit of work, you should wear goggles, gloves and helmets. The dust mask and the like are fully armed. But somehow, we usually do this very rarely, and it’s hard to see a helmet with a horse on the street.

Why ride a safety gear when riding an electric balance car?

First, fall back, back to the ground

This can be said to be the most dangerous situation, because if the back of the brain is severely impacted, the casualty rate is very high. If the luck is bad, it will be directly put into a box. Therefore, you must wear a qualified helmet.

Second, fall down and knees

Compared with the former, the risk is lower, but generally the knees are hard on the ground, but the skin is bleeding and the contusion is swollen. If you have knee pads at this time, you can avoid such accidents (cough, don't ask me if you know).

Riding an electric balance car is completely different from the technology and experience required by the bicycle. It is strongly recommended that you buy and wear safety gear. This money can not be saved, safety is the most important!