Electric balance car teaching skills


The balance car has a very high price/performance ratio […]

The balance car has a very high price/performance ratio because the balance car is a high-efficiency scooter that uses high technology to maintain balance while having a certain speed. Because it can maintain balance, it is called a balance car. The use of the balance car is actually quite high now. Now, the balance car can solve the traffic jam problem with environmental protection and convenience. How should the somatosensory balance car operate? Although there are many teaching videos and texts on the electric unicycle on the Internet. Teaching, Xiao Bian also saw a lot. However, like the introduction of the detailed electric unicycle provided by this netizen, Xiao Bian still feels great! So I can't wait to share it for everyone to see!

1. Choose a wide venue
Find a spacious and flat place, try not to have many people and obstacles, because you can't keep straight when you just learn. The wide space makes you not be forced to jump because the road has changed or you have to hit the road or rush into the grass. Down, using your best efforts to keep it down is the key to rapid success! And every time you walk more than one meter to 10 meters and 50 meters without assistance, the inner satisfaction and joy is the corridor replacement. Nothing. I just practiced this way. I practiced in the big square of a leisurely leisure park. After 5 minutes, I will walk more than 50 meters. After 10 minutes, I can control a big corner that I can’t wait for 10 meters. One hour later. I can walk freely on the park road. The ground should be flat. Do not practice on the pavement of the community / on the stone floor/blind road with the ridge line. The fine and regular lines will affect the direction of the sensitive wheelbarrow. The novice can't control this deformation and Twist!
2, pay attention to the center of gravity
Before getting on the bus, first of all, to determine your focus, this is very important, all the tutorials did not say this! 60% of all people are right feet, 40% is left foot, which has nothing to do with the left and right scorpions. The way to judge who is the center of gravity is to stand upright and let a friend push you without telling you. The foot you are subconsciously taking is the heart. Snowboarding is also used to determine the forefoot and the center of gravity. The center of gravity is the foot you step on the pedal first! Did the novices hesitate to step on which foot first? (Some people say that this is still difficult to judge the center of gravity, then, when I was a child, I played with a one-legged dry, that is Holding one foot in one hand and the other leg beating, use the knees of the bent leg and the opponent to dry up. Well, the leg that you are beating is your heart and legs. It is the most stable standing. The way)
3, the position of the foot
(No other tutorials are mentioned.) Newcomers often don't step on it. If you don't step well, it will not only affect your perception of the state of the vehicle, but also affect the relative position of your calf and the body of the wheelbarrow. Some people find that they just learned when they were just learning. One foot has already stepped on the ground urgently, but the wheelbarrow suddenly fell over from the side of the leg with a small arc? Because your foot is too far forward or backward! After you have determined the center of gravity, then this The foot first goes on the pedal, the calf on the other side of the center of gravity is stuck in the middle of the body of the car (the novice leg will grind the pain, you can make a leg protector) the other foot is slick, the center of gravity, the calf, and the trinity of the car, Have a sense of wholeness, don't mess up and misplace. Slide on one foot and feel good and try to step on the other foot. The front and rear position of the foot should be mastered. It is best for the novice to find the feeling. The length of the shoe exposed before and after the pedal is equal. It is said that the center of the shoe is facing the center of the pedal, and it is not good for the front to lean back. You study.
4, the center of gravity forward
The car relies on the center of gravity to judge the advance and retreat, so you will go away by pressing the car beforehand, and you will slowly realize that you have to overcome the fear of the street, because you will not ride, it is impossible to speed, so basically will not street. Novices are not good at grasping the whole center of gravity. Some people use the first half of their feet to press down. Well, although it is wrong, it is also a method of learning. Newcomers who just learn snowboarding often adjust the angle of the board by their feet. Not the center of gravity, although tired but also helps to find the feeling.
5, tire pressure
The tire pressure master can maintain the tire pressure at 3-3.5, which helps the sensitive steering. The novice can adjust the tire pressure to about 2.0, and it is not too low. Too low is harmful to the tire. This tire pressure is actually better than the electric bicycle you think, because the two wheels of the electric bicycle share your weight, and the wheelbarrow has only one wheel to bear all the weight. 2.0 tire pressure, the car will be slower than the thief, help the novice to quickly master the essentials

6, speed
Everyone is a beginner, always afraid of being fast, not very easy to master, and walking very slowly. I don’t know how slow it is. The unicycle is like a bicycle. Sometimes it’s too slow to master, so it’s a certain speed. It is needed. This kind of on-wheel tool is to find balance in sports. Anyone who rides a bicycle for a few hours can do it. How many of the slow rides in the field can last for a few minutes, understand?
7, keep shaking and not fall
Again, like a bicycle, if the bicycle is turned to the left, the handlebar will be to the left, creating a rightward reaction and centrifugal force, and the body will be squared. In the solo round, if you find that the car is going to the left, turn the car to the left and if you find it to the right, turn it to the right. You can grow up in this sway correction.
8, eyes
I didn't say anything else in the other tutorials. I must keep my eyes on the front. Don't look down at the car. Keep your upper body upright and don't bend it! This newbie must pay attention. Just like riding a bicycle, when you ride a bicycle, look down at the sky and you can't fall. The human balance organ is the semi-circular canal in the ear. When you bow your head, it is difficult to grasp the balance. You try to stand on the ground with your feet straight. If you turn around 10 times, you can not faint. Try it for ten laps, and it’s fainting!
9, protection belt
Just like the boss of the lemon said, the belt is to protect the car, it is useless for learning, and there are some obstacles. Sometimes when you jump down, the car will slap you a head because of the belt. The newbie may also bow because of the presence of the belt or hold the car upright with the belt. This is wrong, it is not good for learning! The newbie has just practiced. At the time, if you have any belts, you may fall into the car. The novices have experience. If you tie the belt car, you may lose control and roll. You can buy it if you are lucky. Your life is your own. Don't give up your life. Really afraid of crashing, then you should put a protective cushion sponge on the whole car before you practice.
The balance car can use the various characteristics of physics to give complex and high-tech elements to its seemingly simple structure. In fact, the safety performance of the balance car is also very high, and at the same time it can be easily transported without polluting the environment. Then the operation of the balance car is difficult, I believe that after reading the above, you also want to try the somatosensory balance car, I hope this article can help everyone.