Does it matter if the electric car is exposed to the rain?


Electric cars are now a necessary means of transportati […]

Electric cars are now a necessary means of transportation for every household, but in the summer rainy season, does it matter if the electric cars get caught in the rain?

It is best not to let the electric car rain. Make a rainproof coverall. Under the condition that no rainproof equipment can be found, the instrument panel and the handle should also be wrapped with plastic bags, because once water enters these places, the electric vehicle cannot start running and become heavy. This will cause short-circuit failure and damage the control part of the electric vehicle. Especially the aging speed of plastic parts is accelerated.

There is also the impact on the battery. Water entering the battery box on a hot day or rainy day will damage the battery, especially if it is not exposed to the sun on a hot day, because the battery will lose water if the temperature is too high. In this way, the water that participates in the redox reaction is insufficient. This situation also has a great impact on the service life of electric vehicles.

Dry in time after rain. It is rainy in summer and when electric vehicles are stored in the open, it is best to remove the battery and put it indoors. After the electric vehicle is exposed to the rain, do not rush into the battery to connect to the power supply. This practice may cause a short circuit.

After heavy rain, the electric car can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Before putting the battery into power, wipe the battery and the connection socket with a rag or paper towel to avoid power connection.

Chain coup to remove rust. If the chain of an electric car rusts after the rain, you can wipe off the rust spots with a cleaning agent for cleaning the kitchen first, and then wash it with diesel oil, which can easily remove the rust. In addition, you can also buy some castor beans, peel them off the shell, wrap them in flannel, etc., and smash them. Use them to clean the electric car, so that the wheels and spokes are bright and clean, and it can also play a role in preventing rust. .

Electric cars are not so strong. Don't put them outdoors in rainy or sunny days. Protect them and they will last longer.