Difference between 48v electric vehicle and 60v electric vehicle


Electric vehicle technology has been developing. Until […]

Electric vehicle technology has been developing. Until now, the more common configuration of electric vehicles is 48v and 60v electric vehicles. Consumers who buy them often make a comparison between the two. What are the 48v electric vehicles and 60v electric vehicles? What's the difference? Shandong electric vehicle manufacturers summarize some points for everyone:

First, the price is different

The price of 48v electric car will be lower, and the price of 60v electric car will be higher. For the average person, both can meet the demand of mobility.

Second, the configuration is different

The battery pack of a 48v electric vehicle is generally made up of 4 12v batteries in series, and the 60v is made up of 5 batteries in series. The motors, controllers, tires, brakes, etc. are different. The 60v electric cars are different. The configuration is relatively high.

Third, the power is different

Generally, the motor power of a 48v electric vehicle is 350W, and the motor power of a 60v electric vehicle is higher, which is 600W or 800W.

Fourth, driving speed and load capacity are different

The speed of a 60v electric vehicle is generally higher than that of a 40v electric vehicle, and its carrying capacity is naturally different. If you often climb a hill, the 60v electric vehicle is definitely better.

It is recommended that everyone choose an electric vehicle according to their own needs and economic carrying capacity. If you want an electric vehicle to run faster and often carry people, you can choose a 60v electric vehicle, which is just an ordinary travel substitute. Too big a difference.