Correct use of electric balance scooter battery


The post-maintenance of the electric balance scooter pl […]

The post-maintenance of the electric balance scooter plays a vital role in performance and longevity. The latter maintenance of the electric balance scooter is mainly for the battery. So what is the correct way to use the electric balance scooter battery?

1. Protect the charger

There are instructions on protecting the electric balance scooter charger in the instruction manual. However, many users do not have the habit of reading the manual. It is often unreasonable to think of looking for instructions after the problem has occurred. When it is necessary to move under special circumstances, the charger should also be packaged in foam to prevent bumps. In addition, the charger should be kept ventilated during charging, otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also may cause thermal drift, which will affect the state of charge and cause damage to the battery.

2. Pay attention to the charging environment

The optimum ambient temperature for charging an electric balance scooter is 25 °C. Most chargers now do not have an automatic control system that adapts to the ambient temperature, so most chargers are designed for an ambient temperature of 25 ° C, so charging at 25 ° C is better. Otherwise, it will inevitably have problems of under-charging in winter and over-charging in summer. Fortunately, most families now have the conditions for indoor temperature regulation. When charging, it is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature-controlled environment. It is especially pointed out that when the battery enters the warm room from the outdoor low temperature state in the northern winter, frost condensation will appear on the surface of the battery. In order to avoid leakage of the battery caused by frost condensation, it should be charged after the battery temperature rises to be close to the room temperature and dried.

3. Do not replace the charger

Each electric balance scooter manufacturer generally has a personalized demand for the charger, and do not arbitrarily replace the charger when you are not sure. If the mileage requirement is longer, you must equip multiple chargers for off-site charging, use an additional charger during the day, and use the original charger in the evening. Removing the controller's speed limit, although it can increase the speed of the electric balance scooter, but in addition to reducing the safety of the electric balance scooter, it will also reduce the battery life.

4. Charge in time

After the battery of the electric balance scooter was discharged, the vulcanization process began. At the beginning of 12 hours, obvious vulcanization occurred. Timely charging can remove non-severe vulcanization. If not recharged in time, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. The general charger is powerless to these coarse crystals, which will gradually reduce the battery capacity and shorten the capacity. Battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, it is also necessary to pay attention to the electric balance scooter as soon as possible after use, so that the battery power is as full as possible.

5. Regular deep discharge

Regularly performing a deep discharge of the battery of the electric balance scooter also facilitates the "activation" of the battery, which can slightly increase the capacity of the battery. The general method is to periodically discharge the battery of the electric balance scooter once. The method of fully discharging the electric balance scooter is to ride to the first undervoltage protection under normal load conditions on a flat road. After the battery is fully charged, the battery is fully charged and the battery capacity is improved.

6. Make full use of maintenance conditions

Manufacturers of regular electric balance vehicles are all providing battery maintenance and repair services, and should make full use of these services. Failure to overhaul within the specified time is equivalent to abandoning the warranty period of the electric balance scooter battery. Regular maintenance of the battery can reduce damage to the battery. For water loss, when the battery capacity is 70%, the hydration effect is better than the battery capacity of 40%. It can be seen that battery maintenance is very important, and consumers should make full use of favorable conditions to extend the service life of the electric balance scooter battery.