Convenient and practical for electric scooters


The use of electric scooters has also been widely used […]

The use of electric scooters has also been widely used in life, in addition to the advantages of mobility and some other practical methods and uses. And the folding method is simple and easy to operate, and it is also highly praised and loved by consumers.

Compared with the balance car, the electric scooter has a long and narrow sound, a relatively high speed and a relatively good flexibility. And the place occupied after the folding method is not particularly large. Electric scooters can stand and ride with cushions. This relatively relaxes knee pressure. The electric scooter also has a brake system, which is a guarantee when the speed is slightly higher and the emergency is in an emergency.

The scooter also has a shock absorption system on the car. In some places with poor road conditions, it will not affect the riding mood due to vibration.

The body of the scooter is relatively long, and it can be placed under the premise of not exceeding the weight of the car, so it is convenient on the way to travel or home.

The scooter is a rechargeable lithium battery, so we should take care of our scooters during the process of placing and using them, so that they are in a good indoor environment, do not let it get wet, so as not to cause some short circuit burnout. .

Scooter features

1 code table: The current scooter is designed with a code table, which is used to display the speed and speed of the scooter. This is to let the user better see the speed performance of the scooter. Relatively speaking, for example, the user. If there is a relative judgment on some different road sections, on what kind of road section, how many speeds to use, so that it is convenient for your own riding.

2, shock absorption system: the traditional electric scooter only adds a certain tire toughness to reduce the vibration of the basic design, and even some users said that the traditional electric balance car in the ridge and some speed bumps and the like, Because the shock absorption is not good, the hips are somewhat painful. An electric scooter after the addition of a damping system can solve these relative problems.

3, collapsible: the traditional scooters are fixed or disassembled, such a scooter is not convenient to carry and is not easy to store, after the improvement of the new electric scooter, the relative parts such as cushions, hands The levers and the like can be folded, and the gaps provided are convenient for carrying and carrying.