Electric scooter battery maintenance method


Battery can be said to be the heart of electric scooter […]

Battery can be said to be the heart of electric scooter, provides power for it, and is an indispensable part. However, in the process of using, the battery will inevitably be constantly loss. Although most electric scooters are equipped with lithium batteries with long service life, good battery maintenance methods can extend the service life of the electric scooters.

1. Do not change the charger frequently

Each electric balance car manufacturer generally has a personalized demand for charger, so each charger input will be different, suitable for their own brand of battery. If riding range requirements are long, multiple chargers must be used for charging in another place, with additional chargers used during the day and the original charger used at night. If there is a problem with the charger, the scooter battery will not be fully charged, or the battery will be filled with drum. This naturally affects battery life.


2. Stay away from extreme temperature

The normal electric scooter in a wide temperature range can do well, between 16 ° to 22 ° is the highest ideal temperature zone for the battery performance. It’s especially important to allow the battery to avoid in the ambient temperature above 35 °, otherwise may damage the battery capacity. In this case, your battery won't be able to power your electric scooter for long after charging. Charging electric scooter at high temperatures can further damage it. Even storing batteries at high temperatures can cause irreversible damage.

3. Please keep half of the power when storing.

If you don't ride an electric scooter for a few days, two key factors can affect the overall battery performance: ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery that is charged before storage. We therefore recommend the following:

(1) please do not fully charge or discharge the battery. The battery remaining capacity should be about 50%. If you store your device in a state where the battery is completely depleted, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, causing it to fail to recharge. Conversely, if you store a fully charged device for a long period of time, you may lose some of your battery capacity, reducing battery life.

(2) place your electric scooter in a cool, non-humid environment, preferably below 35 degrees Celsius.

4. Regular deep discharge

A regular deep discharge helps the battery to keep "activate", which slightly increases its capacity. The most common method is to ride on a flat road under normal load until there is no power at all, and then completely charge it again, so that the battery capacity will be improved compared to the previous.

Above is a few small skills of battery maintenance of electric scooter. Paying attention to battery maintenance in daily life is to give full play to the durability of lithium battery, ensure a good performance of electric scooter, and extend its service life.