Common charging methods for electric vehicles


  When we run out of electric vehicles, we think of cha […]

  When we run out of electric vehicles, we think of charging. In fact, we don't know how to charge electric vehicles. Let's talk about three common charging methods for electric vehicles by our Linyi electric vehicle manufacturers.

  Constant current charging means that the current is constant during the charging process. If multiple batteries are connected in series, the charging method in this way is generally selected. The current during charging is very small, so the charging time is longer, which is generally used in our families.

Constant voltage charging refers to a constant amount of voltage during charging. In the early stage of charging, the battery resistance is very small, and the charging current is very large. After charging for a period of time, the internal resistance of the battery increases, and the charging current becomes smaller in the later period of charging. This charging method is relatively fast.

  Fast charging, this charging method allows electric vehicles to complete charging quickly. In a short period of time, this method can deliver a large current pulse into the battery. The entire charging process is actually the battery repeatedly charging and discharging. This method allows the electric vehicle to be quickly charged, but because of this method of charging current And the voltage is not fixed, so it has a certain impact on the battery.