Basic maintenance knowledge of electric vehicles


The daily maintenance of various components of electric […]

The daily maintenance of various components of electric vehicles is very important. Correct use and maintenance can increase the service life, reduce road failures, and increase safety. The following will take you to understand some knowledge:

1. Maintenance of the charger
It is best not to carry the charger with the car. If you need to carry the charger with the car, you should wrap it with a buffer and do a good shock absorption treatment to avoid bumps and vibrations caused by the charger. It is strictly forbidden to cover the charger shell when charging, ensure ventilation and heat dissipation, and avoid rain or other liquids from entering the charger to avoid short circuit inside the charger.

2. Maintenance of the motor
If the road area is too deep on rainy days, it is not suitable to use electric vehicles if it exceeds the motor. Too deep accumulated water may cause the motor to seep and cause electric shock failure. If there is mud paste, clean it in time to prevent rust. In the installation and tightening state of the motor shaft, if any screws are found to be loose, the nuts should be tightened in time, or a professional should check and deal with it.

3. Bearing
Check the lubrication condition of the bearing from time to time. It is best to go to the after-sales maintenance point for cleaning once a year and inject new lubricant.

4. Brake
Check whether the brakes are in good condition. If the brakes are bad, adjust them in time, tighten the brake fixing screws, and increase the braking distance in rain or snow.

5. Battery
Please don't use the battery to the minimum every time you use it, and develop the habit of charging it in time. When the battery capacity decays, you should go to the local service station for inspection to determine whether the battery decay is normal. If necessary, you can improve the battery's working status through maintenance.

6. Parking of electric vehicles
When not in use, try to park in the shade shed to avoid heavy rain and wetness. After heavy rain, all parts are easy to rust. Avoid sun exposure. Sun exposure can easily reduce the service life of tires.

Electric vehicles must pay attention to maintenance, only in this way can the service life be extended. Then I hope that the maintenance methods of the various parts of the electric vehicle introduced by the Linyi Jinkuo electric vehicle above can be helpful to everyone.