Balance car maintenance


First, the handlebar group 1. handlebar 2. bowl set 3. […]

First, the handlebar group

1. handlebar 2. bowl set 3. handle 4. hanging core

Second, the wheel group

Wheel set

Third, the seat

These three categories of accessories are composed.

Let's pick two accessories today.

First talk about the handlebars first.

Aluminum and carbon fiber are distinguished by material. Steel is not mentioned here. Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, hardness can be. The main difference is in weight, carbon fiber is lighter, and it is also the first choice for modified cars. After all, parents who are willing to choose to spend money on modification will not care about this little money.

According to the type, there are straight handles, Xiaoyan, and big swallows.

Zhizhi and Xiaoyan are mainly used for racing. Da Yan is mainly used for competition, which is skill. Mainly concentrated in the use of wave channels.

Next, say the bowl.

Different brands of vehicles use bowls of different caliber sizes. The specific correspondence originally wanted to be written, but it was naughty. When the boss of the club saw it, he went to buy a vernier caliper and personally measured the brand that the club sold.