Avoid two-wheeled electric vehicles in summer


The hot summer is here. Two-wheeled electric vehicle ma […]

The hot summer is here. Two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers have summarized some hidden dangers of electric vehicles that should be avoided in summer. I hope everyone can learn more:

Two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers say that using electric vehicles in summer should avoid exposure to the hot sun, because exposure to the sun will cause the temperature in the power box to rise sharply, which will increase the temperature of the battery, which will increase the internal pressure of the battery during charging and increase the amount of water loss. , Thereby affecting battery life.

  Secondly, two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers say that the charging time of electric vehicles in summer is best controlled at about 6 hours, not more than 8 hours. Many people are not very concerned about the charging time of electric cars, and the phenomenon of charging overtime is very common. Continuous charging time is too long to cause fire, and citizens should pay attention to this safety hazard. When charging, first connect the charger plug to the electric vehicle, and then connect to the power supply; after the charging is completed, first cut off the power supply, and then unplug the charger plug.

   Finally, two-wheeled electric bicycle manufacturers reminded that they cannot wait for the electric bicycle to be charged when it is completely empty, which will shorten the battery life. When charging an electric car, place the charger in a ventilated and cool place, not directly on the car seat to ensure that it can dissipate heat normally. On weekdays, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of electric vehicles.