Are electric vehicles suitable for minors?


The phenomenon of underage children riding two-wheeled […]

The phenomenon of underage children riding two-wheeled electric vehicles is very common, due to their young age, little experience, weak adaptability, poor awareness of road traffic laws and safety, coupled with the fast speed, stability and relatively poor performance of the braking system of electric vehicles, etc. The reason is that safety accidents happen from time to time. Therefore, the treatment of the common phenomenon of children riding electric bicycles is extremely urgent, and the society and families should pay great attention to it.

First of all, parents must have proper supervision and management. Do not allow children to ride electric bicycles at will, let alone teach them how to ride electric bicycles when they cannot grasp the electric handle or the brakes with their feet.

Secondly, schools must have safety education in place. Elementary and secondary schools should regularly educate children on the prohibition of driving vehicles through safety education classes and other forms to prevent safety accidents.

Third, all sectors of society must be co-managed in place. During the winter and summer vacations, primary and secondary school students should concentrate their personnel and energy to jointly carry out comprehensive management of electric vehicles driven by primary and secondary school students, so as to reduce and eliminate injuries and deaths caused by children driving two-wheeled electric vehicles.

What should I pay attention to when I just bought an electric vehicles?

Although the price of two-wheeled electric vehicles is not high, as an important transportation tool, everyone still pays great attention to keeping them, especially the new two-wheeled electric vehicles that have just been bought. So what do you need to pay attention to for the new two-wheeled electric vehicle?

Many people have doubts about this. The electric vehicles they just bought have some electricity. Need to recharge. Because two-wheeled electric vehicles need a process from the factory to the user's hands, the electric vehicles are in a self-discharged state during this process, so the newly purchased electric vehicles need to be charged.