How to ensure driving safety when riding an electric bike


Because electric vehicles are pollution-free and enviro […]

Because electric vehicles are pollution-free and environmentally friendly, they are quietly entering thousands of households and become the main means of transportation in our daily lives. How can we ensure driving safety?

1. When we are riding an electric bicycle, it is best to hold the handlebar with both hands, because the electric bicycle is heavier. If we hold the handlebar with one hand and encounter an emergency, it is very likely that the brain will not be able to react and the electric bicycle will not turn in time. An unexpected situation occurred.

2. When we are shopping while riding an electric bike, even if we are highly skilled, we can’t hang things on the handlebars, because after hanging things on the handlebars, the car’s turning is not flexible, and in emergency situations, if If the turn is not timely, traffic accidents are prone to occur.

3. Electric vehicles must use non-motorized lanes. Do not drive on motorized lanes. If we drive on motorized lanes, even if the accident is caused by cars, we cannot escape responsibility because we walked in the wrong lane.

4. Electric vehicles need to be maintained every three months. The content of the maintenance includes tightening the screws of the wheels and applying lubricating oil. We must carry out regular maintenance on our vehicles in strict accordance with the regulations, and it is best to go to the designated repair shop. Maintenance is to extend the service life of our electric vehicles. In addition, if our vehicles are not maintained throughout the year, it may cause spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles.

5. If we find that the brakes of electric vehicles are not flexible, we must go to the designated maintenance department for repairs in time, because they have a good understanding of the performance of our electric vehicles, and will give correct repairs and give good guidance . It is best not to go to other repair shops for repairs.

6. When walking on the dark road at night, turn on the lights of the electric car. Because it is dark at night, our vision is limited. In addition, the speed of our electric car is relatively fast. When we see the person in front of us, It may have come to the front, if the brain does not respond quickly, it is likely to hit someone. If we turn on the lights, we can avoid this situation.

7. When there is a car on the front side, it is best not to turn on the long-lighting light, because the long-lighting light will make the driver on the opposite side look down on the car and people in front, which can easily cause traffic accidents. When we are driving, turn on the low-lights to see the road ahead and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It is not only beneficial to others, but also convenient for oneself.

8. When driving on a rainy day, we'd better wear a yellow poncho, because yellow is a bright color, and drivers will find us at a long distance, and they will react early and slow down the speed in time to avoid traffic accidents to the greatest extent. happened.

9. We need to wear helmets when driving. If an accident happens, helmets can protect our head from damage. The head is a very important part of our body. After the head is injured, it will be important for us to learn Life has a great impact. Sometimes even life-threatening.

10. When we are riding an electric bike, try not to drink alcohol, because alcohol can numb our brain nerves and desensitize our reactions. When driving, we cannot make correct judgments about the situation.

11. When riding an electric bike, do not overload it. If it is overloaded, the tires will be damaged and traffic accidents will easily occur.